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Our experienced tour designers are available to put together competitively priced and expertly thought out tours, to meet any brief, throughout Europe.

Our in-depth knowledge of Europe means we can put some of the continent's lesser known gems on the itinerary, as well as obtain savings on the entrance fees to must-see attractions.

Virtually anything is possible, we can meet your needs for:

  • Single destination or full pan-European tours
  • A one off or series tour
  • Budget to deluxe accommodation

The Level of Support You Need

We work to suit your requirements; giving you as much or as little input as you need.

If you already know what you want, simply provide us the full details of your tour and we will offer you a competitive price.  Conversely we can start with just a budget, a theme or a destination and design you a tour to match.


Edinburgh to London Cycle tour

Edinburgh to London Cycle tour

The Edinburgh to London cycle tour covers over 800 kms, with seven days of cycling. The route is safe, avoiding traffic, even in London, making the tour ideal for school groups. The routing takes you alongside the sea, over the mountains, through some spectacular scenery in the countryside, then using special cycle paths in the cities to keep away from the traffic.

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Architecture of Italy, Sicily and Malta

Italian Architecture tourAn exploration of 2000 years of civilisation across three richly diverse cultural destinations.

This trip combines several informative master classes, delivered by an architectural expert, with a fascinating journey through the cultural heritage of these beautiful Mediterranean towns and cities.

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Prague to Bucharest

Prague to Bucharest tourThis tour explores the charms and wonders of Eastern Europe; from the gothic architecture in the cities to the utterly stunning countryside. History, legend and culture are all there to be discovered.

Starting in Prague, the tour moves on to Krakow and the Tatra Mountains, the hot spas and then the Hungarian plains. The tour ends in Romania with its colourful markets, historic villages, painted monasteries, Transylvania and the city of Bucharest.

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The Italian ‘Slow Food’ Tour

Italian 'Slow Food' tourA wonderful tour for food lovers interested in the origins of local food, its traditions, production and of course its taste!

The ethos of the ‘Slow Food’ movement, which aims to preserve local food traditions and interest in where food comes from and how it tastes, permeates this fascinating tour.

With a chance to meet the producers of many of the great culinary classics Italy has bestowed upon the world; Balsamic Vinegar, Grissini, Parma ham, salami, and Limóncello. Not to mention the finest olives, wine and truffles.  With a country Tuscan cooking course and a visit to the ‘Slow Food University’ this trip is guaranteed to make life changing views on food!

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The Christmas Markets of Germany

German Christmas Markets tourThis tour is the perfect winter getaway for the ultimate taste of Christmas.

Enjoy the magical atmosphere of medieval German towns lightly dusted with snow, adorned with decorations and lights whilst sampling the local delicacies and warming wines.

Browsing the German Christmas markets will uncover contemporary and traditional toys, Christmas decorations, sweets, foods and presents. Everything for the perfect Christmas trip.

This tour can be adapted to include visits to other Christmas markets and can be based in many other accessible locations in Germany.

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English Literature Tour

English Literature tourA fascinating and educational tour for literary students; following the lives and works of some of the greats of English literature.

The tour takes in locations across England to experience the worlds of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Austen, the Brontes, Beatrix Potter, Chaucer and Charles Dickens.

As well as interactive workshops and many live performances the learning is interspersed with some fun activities, such as punting on the River Cam and a day out at Alton Towers Theme Park.

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Discovering Layers of Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom tourThis is a spiritual journey into the hidden world of the distant past. Discover the power of mythology and ancient monuments across France, England and Scotland.

This theme can be customised in many ways to include other sites in Europe.

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