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We operate student tours from grade six through to university and returning MBA professionals.  Each year we deliver many tours on a vast array of topics; all providing the close attention to detail and low costs that student tours demand.

Our wealth of experience in this sector enables us to provide tours that combine great educational content with fun elements, free time to work on teacher led projects: all on a budget that ensures a high take up by students.  

We work with all grades of accommodation from youth hostels through to budget, tourist and first class hotels.

Our flexibility and ability to deliver an educational tour, no matter what the subject is, is clear from the diverse range of our previous tours:

  • Art history and art & design
  • Humanities and geography
  • Mathematics, economics and business studies
  • Shakespeare in Italy and UK literature
  • French industrial revolution, military history and Romans in gaul
  • Dance
  • Performing choirs and marching bands
  • Feminism

Build Your Own Itinerary

Below we have a selection of the educational tours we have designed and operated across Europe for some of our clients from around the world. You can use any of these itineraries as a basis for your own group or customise it to make it work for you or your client, for example you could take any itinerary and make it:

  • Longer or shorter in duration
  • Based in different countries or multi-country
  • With a larger or smaller group size
  • Using any category of hotel from youth hostel through to budget and tourist class to first or deluxe hotels
  • Meals inclusive or not
  • Particular cuisines catered for e.g. Halal, Chinese or Indian meals
  • Add more visits or take visits out
  • Include more hands on experiences

Please take a look and contact us if you find something that takes your interest.


International Management Tour

International ManagementThis tour gives international management students an invaluable insight into varying styles of management and international marketing, across a range of sectors throughout Europe.

An interactive experience that includes visits and seminars with market leading companies, as well as the opportunity to get inside factories and organisations to view products being created and services managed.

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English Literature Tour

English Literature tourA fascinating and educational tour for literary students; following the lives and works of some of the greats of English literature.

The tour takes in locations across England to experience the worlds of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Austen, the Brontes, Beatrix Potter, Chaucer and Charles Dickens.

As well as interactive workshops and many live performances the learning is interspersed with some fun activities, such as punting on the River Cam and a day out at Alton Towers Theme Park.

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The Harry Potter Tour

Harry Potter tourThis is a great educational tour that combines fun yet informative visits to Harry Potter film locations with trips to sites of cultural and historical interest.

Travelling across the UK the tour takes in the magical sites that create the universally popular Harry Potter films, providing insight into the history and beauty of these locations.

There are many other stops during the tour to enjoy medieval architecture and history as well as the excitement of getting a little spooked too!

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The Netherlands Green Ecology and Design Tour

Netherlands Green Ecology tourAn educational tour that explores the benefits of advanced design and planning to create a more efficient and energy saving environment.

The tour showcases many design options that enhance the environment and at the same time look good and save money.  Options on new living space and business ideas make this an innovative and exciting tour to explore.

This tour is ideal for students of architecture and ecology, or for organisations wishing to be inspired and informed by existing sustainable building projects.

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UK Design and Fashion

An inspiring exploration into the tradition of fashion and design in the UK alongside a taste of the industry today.

From silks, hats, clothes and accessories this tour presents fabulous designs from the past and a chance to put a finger on the pulse of fashion in some of the UK’s major cities.

This tour is ideal for design students or those just plain curious about fashion and design who want to be taken to the best shopping locations. The itinerary can be adapted to include a fashion show or the raw, edgy new fashions of Edinburgh and London.

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